Trumpocalypse: A Total Disaster

*nervous laughter*

Heeeey guuuyyys….

So, I got a thing published a few months ago, and… I kinda forgot to post it here…

Ah hah hah…

ANYWAY. I wrote a short story called Walled In for an anthology that was released by Zelmer Pulp back in late October. Right before the presidential election. It was supposed to be a “what if?” kind of thing, and then… yeah… So! The anthology is called Trumpocalypse: A Total Disaster and you can find it on Amazon in ebook format at the following link: clicky

There are some great stories in there, including one from my husband, Michael Wells. My story is the first one in the book, so if you check out the preview you can actually read some of it! But I would also appreciate it if you’d consider buying it.


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