img_5845Lindsay Wells is a writer working on her first novel, currently titled First Frost, about Frostine, a woman magically created from snow who goes on a fantastical adventure in a magical world. In the process she may just discover her own humanity and a bit of romance as well.

The project is currently through beta reading and into rewrites, and Lindsay hopes to be querying for publication soon.

Lindsay has published her first short story, Walled In, in the short story anthology Trumpocalypse, which can be purchased on Amazon in ebook format here.

Lindsay submitted three short stories to the Third Annual Writing Tournament with the Writers Club group on deviantArt and placed second in the contest. You can read them at the following links:

Imminent Menace


What Lies Beyond

Lindsay also has a few pieces of fan fiction up at her Archive of Our Own page.

When she’s not working on her writing, Lindsay enjoys cosplay, cooking, playing video games, and spending time with her husband Mike, dog Kenji, and cat Flynn.